The Kathakali dance in India gives it, on account of the many-sided culture and the national groupings, many different classical dances. However, all traditional Indian dances have in common something. They always act from rogues and heroes, demons and divinities or princesses and princes. With the Indian dance the body language and the expression plays a big role.

Some of the most important elements are jumps, looks and gestures, around the spectator emotions like fear, love, grief, courage and rage to bring closer. Kerala is known for his Kathakali dance. This form of the traditional dance reflects the dramas the old Sanskrit stories again. He is shown mostly only by men, they take over all roles in the piece gives to play, including those of the women. Meanwhile learn, nevertheless, also this kind of the artistic dance isolates women. A performance often lasts several hours and becomes, hence increases days distributed performed. It is a very lively Indian dance which is marked by influence of the ritual Kerala of dance and the general folk dances. The actors of the Kathakali are made up very very expressive and carry skilfully formed headdress. Above all the special kind from make-up is a special sign. The faces are painted completely in different colours, with a special paste. Applying the greasepaint is very luxurious and lasts some hours. To be able to distinguish well the actors, everybody agrees an individual make-up in a certain colour. The red made up protagonists stand for the heroes of the history. Green made up for the divinities and the black-red made up ones the rogues explain. The appearance is completed by the remarkable costumes. To let look supernatural the actors, they carry high splendid headdress, costumes with several frills and a lot of jewellery. The dancers carry no trousers, only one long white shirt about the knees reaches and a red cap, becomes the effect the outsize still increasingly. Every piece begins with the invocation of the gods and is shown symbolically with a big oil lamp. The lamp burns during the whole performance further and serves as a source of light in the evening dusk. The singers and musicians, they the piece accompany, stand completely Behind on the stage. Although the music from microphones is not expressed increasingly it is very much.

With the Kathakali dance above all the gestures of the face and the movements to the hands are very important. The actors must be able to control every facial muscle individually and know like them the contents of the text in all details illustrate. Some of the very lively movements must be learnt for years away. Kathakali belongs for the most difficult Indian dances and requires a healthy food and regular training. It is quite a special kind of dance and who makes in India vacation this spectacle should miss by no means.