We would like to give you here a short listing which possibilities it gives around the nice one,
to experience other, unique India.

If you choose from the following overview (click on the heading):

Excursions Varkala
here you receive a coarse overview which holiday possibilities there are in Kerala or especially in Varkala.
From markets through temple up to bigger tours.

Ayurveda yoga
this Indian remedial art will spend to them here tried a little closer. Ayurveda is close-knit of course with
the yoga which we try to declare also briefly

Backwaters Kerala
Quite special specially in India. Comprehensive overview of information for you provided around maybe
to be stopped better for your next tour.

Elephants ride India
If a duty touches for all families, Jung-remaining or also the animal lovers among us.

Houseboats boat trips
For catches all guests these excursions were unforgettable. On the Backwaters with a houseboat or in
to anchor quiet booking…. unforgettably

Beach Southindia Papanasham
The probably nicest beach in India lies in Varkala and is called Papanasham.

Wildlifepark zoo
There is an amount Wildlifeparks in India. We would like to introduce them to them.

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