Piaggio Ap mini truck

The Tata ace gets competition of Piaggio

Piaggio belongs to the biggest car manufacturers of small vehicles in India. Piaggio recently brought his newest model
on the market, the Ape mini truck.

The Ape mini truck drives, in contrast to the present models, on four wheels.
He well lies on the street and is also suitable for impassable area very well. The loading area is 1.83 metres long, 1.37 metres wide
and if a loading capacity of about 390 kilogrammes has.

The Piaggio Ape mini truck has therefore the biggest loading area which there is till present with these models, and, hence, is
an optimum means of transportation. He weighs about 500 kilogrammes and is 1.37 metres wide and 3.20 metres long and offers,
in spite of the big loading area richly place in the driver’s cab.
The cabin is completely closed and is production with 2 adjustable seats, a heating and a stereo equipped.
Of course there is the Ape mini truck also with enlarged equipment, how of an air-conditioning.
The design of the Piaggio Ape mini trucks is very much modern and the driver’s cab is from the equipment,
to compare to that of a normal car.

However, the Tata ace is equipped rather purely and simply and he lacks comfort.
Another plus for the Ape mini truck, in contrast to the Tata ace, is the smaller tropic,
this is just for journeys in the narrow lanes of the towns of big advantage.

3 cylinders engine, with 4 tacts gear creates a maximum speed of 65 kilometres per hour and with
to a consumption of only 3.5 litres on 100 km.

Piaggio requires for his Ape mini truck converted about 2800 euros what is really very favorable for the equipment and the big loading area.