Ayurveda, written also Ayurweda, is a Sanskrit (different forms from old in Indian) and means the knowledge
from the life.

Ayurveda is an approx. 5000 year-old traditional Indian remedial art today a lot of users in Nepal, Sri Lanka
and of course India has. Also in the European space Ayurveda since the last years meets a lot of approval.

What does mean Ayurveda?
The word Ayurveda consists of both Indian words Ayus (life) and Veda (knowledge), what literally translates:
Life science or life wisdom
is called
Ayurveda is a comprehensive Indian form of treatment, it encloses not only the physical and mental, but
also the spiritual and emotional aspects which are important for the human health.

One also speaks of 3 different life energy or temperaments, called Doshas.

  • Vata stands for wind, air and sky
  • Pitta stands for fire and water
  • Kapha stands for earth and water

According to Ayurveda remedial art these appear in every organism and mostly dominate one or two of the Doshas.
According to the Ayurveda apprenticeship this energy had to do itself. in a healthy organism, in the balance consider.
The motto of Ayurveda is to be assisted the body to help itself. One searches the trigger of the disease
and treats him by means of special medicine and the renunciation of injurious habits, as well as oil massages
and the Panchakarma (a special purification programme and cleansing programme).

The food is an important point in the Ayurveda treatment.
There are a few general important rules with the food are to be followed:

  • Only eat if one is hungry
  • The main dish should always be of midday
  • No intermeals to themselves take
  • Between the meals a break of at least 3 hours should always be
  • One should not eat so much one is really full
  • Only fresh food eats
  • With worried frame of mind do not eat
  • Only waters (warmly or coldly) and herb tea drink
  • In every meal all five taste directions should be contained (salty, sweetly, sharply, crossly, bitterly)

If you make India vacation it is to be recommended very much to allow itself a few ayurvedische treatments. Here in Varkala (Kerala) they find everybody if hotel or special drawing rooms, most different ayurvedischen mixes Processings offer: especially on them co-ordinated medicine, massages or yoga courses. There what is involved for everybody no matter whether they only want to relax or allow to treat an illness or themselves also interest just in general in Ayurveda..
A trip here to Varkala in the federal state of Kerala is worthwhile, the offer from ayurvedischen Treatments and most different yoga uses are very big.

Come to our hotel to Varkala with his wonderful Cliff and great seashore, in Kerala the „Country of the coconut“.

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