The Backwaters are a far forked water road system in the hinterland of the Malabarcoas in the federal state of Kerala.

Its a unique attraction in south India. Many channels form a catena with a length of 1500 km, a network of 29 lakes, 44 flows and lagoons. The large part of the channels has developed of course, nevertheless, some channels have been laid out for the boot traffic artificially.

The Backwaters in India are an important component of the life in Keralas, with the boots become zb. Milk, newspapers and post delivered.
One also finds the missionaries who spread God’s word on the boots on the way in the Backwaters.

There are also many Indians them your wedding on big houseboats celebrate by the backwaters. In a shipyard with Quilon one can observe like traditional barges, on Malayam (the language in Kerala is spoken, they tell Kettuvallom (Kettu stood for to sew and vallum boot)), repairs and be built.

To the building of the houseboats the ship carpenters use only wood and coconut palm laces. To the east of the Ashtamudi lake which is fed by several flows lies a small fishing village which lies directly with the orifice of the Backwaters to the Arabian Sea. In the harbour this village there are hundreds of small boots here on the seashore lie at anchor.

On the shores of the Backwaters many wonderful churches and small temples invite to the inspection.
Early of morning on time to the sunrise the fishermen come along to their work and begin with the fishing.
Slime and sand is got from the Backwaters which is used as a fertilizer or to the building of a house which is an additional positive side effect, the lagoons thus before him silt up are preserved.

In a journey to the Kayamkulam lake (north Kerala) which leads lined channels by narrow, palms one goes past with the houseboat to many small villages and gets thus a small idea of the everyday life of the inhabitants here in Southindia.

If it in Kerala in the Kayamkulam lake evening becomes one can observe the fishermen with their countless nets with the fishing. The special one is which the nets with many small lamps stock are which lure the fish, and thus the night with countless lights dancing on the water is illuminated.

One finds the nicest Backwaters in Thottapally and Trikunnipuzha, the narrow water paths wind here by blossoming bushes and plants as well as the wonderful palm jungle. The city of Alleppey horizontal in Kerala is called because of its many channels also „Venice of the east“ and is esteemed on jedenfall a visit on your holiday trip.

A journey with a houseboat on the Backwaters of Kerala is a real experience that you shouldn’t miss, above all the view at the wonderful beaches the red tinted cliff with its fertile vegetations they never forget.
If one drives with the boot to the Brahamani-Baitarani delta which is in the federal state of Orissa in the bay of Bengal, one shouldn’t miss the visit in the Bhitarkanika wildlife sanctuary.
This wildlifepark consists of a big mangrove wood with many flows and forms the living space of the saltwater crocodile.
Also in the federal state west Bengal horizontal Sunderbans of tigers and biospheres reserve unique mangroves are an area the most southern part of the speed delta forms and very well with the boot can be crossed.

In this 2585 square kilometre wildlifepark one finds the biggest number of tigers in completely India.

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