In Kerala there are some splendid beaches of the world particularly the beach of Varkala beach (Papanasham),
the beach of Kovalam and the Alappuzha beach.

A vacation here in Varkala is worthwhile just because of its wonderful beaches and there breathe
robbing Cliff scenery.

The beaches of Varkala are a really alternative to the mostly very overcrowded beaches in
Kovalam (the best known beach of the federal state of Kerala) and Goa.
The marvellous, golden brown Papanasham the beach which lies below the red tinted, about 30 metre high coast,
if is a true consumption.

From them, with green plants to existing cliff faces, there flow several natural mineral sources, which one
when refreshing douche can be of use.

Because the beach is clearly separated by the high cliffs of the bustle of many bars, restaurant and shop,
if he offers enough rest around yoga on the beach to make or to relax also just.

The very idyllic Papanasham horizontal in the Indian ocean beach is approx. 600 metres long and about several
to reach small stairs easily.

In the general one Varkala Beach is divided into three areas:

* the Beach Road area
* the South Cliff
* the lively North Cliff on the restaurant numerous it and shops gives.

By eating on Cliff one can enjoy the great view at the sea and with some luck still one
observe pair of sea dolphins.

According to the Hindu mythology one becomes with a bath in the Indian ocean, here in the Papanasham a beach,
from its sins freely washed.

A little bit further to the north is to „Black Beach“, like the name already says of black sand
exists (black sand exists of basalt).

Come to Varkala and enjoy the beaches, the breathtaking view at the sea and the red sun
if it sinks into the ocean and dips everything in a red golden light.

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