or many years India is known for the fact that it exercises an extraordinary charm on the people. Mostly it is the religion and the miraculous area which there is in this country, but every now and then play mostly with the young people, the Indian Bollywood films a big role.

A concept him over and over again appears is „Bollywood“. Actually, one understands by the word quite special films which were turned in India. It is the pool of the words Bombay and Hollywood. Bollywood became very quick to an established one Part the Hindi films which released very big enthusiasm mainly abroad from India.

The Indians love her Bollywood stripe and they are a popular export article.


Bollywood in Germany
In the former GDR there were these films already since the 50s in the cinema. There films became like „The vagabond of Bombay“ etc. to too much big box-office hits.

In the west of Germany films on the canvas came from the 90s the first good Hindi. Thus it went on, till our time in which over and over again once such films are shown in the cinemas. After the films were asked very much, they also became from the beginning of the new century on DVD in Trade offered. There followed TV films and also some theatrical performances which orientate themselves by India films.

Backgrounds the Bollywood filmsWho deals more exactly with these productions, that finds out fast the backgrounds of the films. There is no typical India film, everybody is own piece of art for itself., Among the rest, this becomes with

  • Dance inserts
  • Fashion
  • Action
  • Love scenes

forms, so that for every taste of spectator a suitable part is to be seen in the film. What, however, all films have in common, the Indian philosophy and above all the life setting is the Indian which is in the foreground in some films and passages very much.