Economie Callcenter

If you are an American, then I’m sure that you know this situation: You call a costumer
service line of a big airline, computer company or a bank, actually expect to talk to
another American but then speak to an Indian guy.

That is because bigger companies often outsource their costumer service to India,
but in the last few years those companies more and more outsource their costumer
service lines to the PhilippinesPhilippines, to Manila to be more exact. That is because the
American culture can also be found in the Philippines, lots of people don’t know
that the Philippines is a former US colony.
Most young people speak English there pretty well, better than Indians who are
not too close to the American culture.

At the moment there are almost half a million Filipinos who work on the phone for big
companies like AT&T, JP Morgan Chase and others. But not only US companies hire
those motivated, young Filipinos, also companies from Europe show a big interest in
outsourcing their costumer service line to the Philippines.

This is amazing when you consider that the PhilippinesPhilippines has a population of only
one-tenth as big as India’s.

That really doesn’t surprise when you see how young Filipinos live:
They learn American English already in the first grade in school, they grow up with food
like hamburgers and they watch American Basketball and also lots of American TV Shows
such as „Friends“ and „Two And A Half Men“ on TV.

In contrast to that the young people from India learn British English in the public school,
only the rich ones can afford eating American fast food, they watch cricket instead of
Basketball and the TV show „Friends“ is more like an English teaching lesson than an
enjoyable TV Show.

So in conclusion you can say Filipinos are just closer to the western culture than Indians,
speak better English and will get more and more jobs as a call center agent in future,
compared to Indian guys who will have a hard time in the next couple of years if nothing
changes. There is another fact that shows that Filipinos are just better call center agents:
A study showed that American costumers who call a support line are happier with a Filipino
than with an Indian assistant. There is another study that shows that the call center
business grows at about 25 to 30 percent yearly in the Philippines while it only grows
about 10-15 percent yearly in India. Those numbers just show the ongoing trend.