Chapati is a thin, soft round flat dough-cake bread, it is also known under the name Roti and is eaten mainly in the northern regions of India.
Chapati is produced of flour, water, salt and Ghee.
The flour used in addition (Chapati flour) consists of a mixture of different grain sorts, the wheat, barley and millet is most.
One receives the Chapati flour in most Asian shops.
Then the finished dough is rolled out quite thinly and baked without encore by grease in a frying pan.
Chapati also belongs in the eastern part of Africa to the main food, after it Indian immigrant with in the country brought.

Ingredients for 8 pieces:

1 cup Chapati or wholemeal flour
2 teaspoons Ghee
¼ teaspoons salt
½ cups of tepid water


Water, flour and salt in a bowl gives, mix and then so long knead to nice more softy, not sticky dough answers (in case the dough too drily is some water add).
The dough to a sphere form, in a bowl give and with a damp culinary cloth cover. Then for about 20 minutes leave. The longer the dough can rest, the more aerial becomes the bread.
Best of all the Chapatis if become one the dough overnight leaves.

Now divide the dough into 8 pieces, to sphere form and level press. Every round flat dough-cake of both pages dredge with flour and then so long roll out to him is about 14 cm.

A frying pan (iron frying pans) are suited best of all for this with middle heat heat up.
To test whether the frying pan is quite hot enough, simply a few drops of water put. If the water starts to hiss and has immediately evaporated the frying pan the right temperature. Now give a round flat dough-cake in the frying pan and from both pages briefly bake. The Chapati should form bubbles and have golden-brown blotches on both pages. Coat in the end a page of the round flat dough-cake with Ghee, lay on a plate and with culinary paper cover.
Then the remaining round flat dough-cakes bake. Chapatis are an especially tasty side dish for the most different curry dishes or other Indian dishes with a lot of sauce. Best of all warmly serve!