Classified ads

How we manage here our garage sales, a lot of guests put this question to us from abroad. There is of course the big supplier in the announcement area also in India, however, the fees are simply too high and to lead his partners behind the light on account of the big and popular possibility, not safely.
The sales of small things here, functions, actually, at most about friends and friends, there is a sort of flea market basically rather seldom and if, then exclusively in the big areas of concentration.
The sales of the small things, old television or computer, as well as household appliances on the Internet are liked of course.
There is some local Internet supplier who offer here platforms, to all at the head of course the biggest provider Weltweit. On account of them, already on top mentioned, nevertheless, fee structure sales of the small things does not pay off at all, are, hence, always a wish to be allowed to publish somewhere his free classified ad.
In this area there is to save some possibilities around one or other Rupie on the one hand, to get money on the other side, nevertheless, still for his things a little.
Oral propaganda is of course the easiest and often also the most actual means. Though classified ads in local magazines are liable for costs, however, the price is easy to grasp of it.
We have tried only a few months ago, nevertheless to make a flea market beyond the tourist time.All things the guests have forgotten and have confirmed us that they did not want to have sent this, we have offered all our things like old computers, old electronics things, 2 old small televisions and many little things.For it we have simply offered before our entrance, by the walls, these sales by means of pamphlets. Of course the Indians have not read again decently, have ignored the date and the times (we had pointed a few days before the flea market to it) and came, however, a little bit unexpectedly, very numerously.Was clear after the first 20 visits which goes it basically rather about what is offered then what then the foreigners sell, so more the curiosity to shop how something.
Day X came and astonishing manner, we have brought during the pair of hours really the large part of our things, for moderate prices, to the man or the woman.