Cricket in India

The sport Cricket is an English invention and can into the Tudorzeit (16. Century) to be retraced.
The original form of the play developed probably already substantially in former times.

Cricket was one of the main export goods of Britain, that the Englishmen at present the Empires as part that
British culture also into their colonies brought. To India Cricket with the first addresses came
the East India company on the subcontinent, approximately around 1700.

Cricket rules in India
The rules and play courses of the Cricket are only difficult complex and in the theory to mediate.
To learn it knows, is the best method, Cricket, to regard a play in company
an experienced fan. However one should bring along sufficiently time, which „a correct “match lasts
at least three days.
Since such a duration of play became somewhat unpractical in the today’s time, also Cricket have themselves
Versions establishes, with which the play is final within a daily.

Briefly in summary:
A crew with the Cricket has usually 15 players.
Per passage two players on the field are, of other eleven of a crew.
The two players of the crew are the Batsmen. In each case one must of the opposing Bowler
thrown ball so absorption that it and opposite positioned Batsman the positions exchange can.
A whole set of events, as for instance meetings of the Wicket present behind Batsman,
catch the struck ball by field players, can now to separating the striking
Batsman lead.
This is replaced then so long by players of its crew, until all once Batsman were.
There are points in each case for a successful page overflow of the Batsmen.

If the Englishmen were as colonial gentlemen in India everything else as also often like, then the native found
However rapidly please population at the Cricket.
Already end 18. Century were there several Cricket clubs in India.
The play offered above all one of the few possibilities to the Indian of triumphieren over the white occupying forces.
Also after independence the popularity remained unbroken by Cricket in India and Cricket became
the national sport in the recent republic.
The sport makes victories possible against opponents, with whom one measured otherwise in wars.
Beside the former colonial power England are nowadays above all victories against the ore rival
Pakistan particularly prestigiously.