This year we had many guests who reported to us about her trips by cruise ships. Actually, we still hadaccepted that cruise
vacationer are at least 60 years old on an average, because they had this image Cruises earlier. The pensioners who spend
her vacation on various cruise ships.

The world changes, this stereotype is also completely obsolete meanwhile. Many shipping companies offer meanwhile
also to party ships in which virtually round-the-clock party rules, music played becomes and of course also all around
around the bodily welfare it is provided.The age average is completely different and has passed away from route to route.
Thus it was informed of us, are to be found, for example, on the northern country as well as Baltic tours already rather
50+ audience, what brings of course no disadvantage with himself.

Just the fish oil Asia and the trans-Atlantic routes of the cruises AIDA are visited by the mixed audience. Should one go
beyond the European main vacation time (in June September) then already does not have from if adult audience and
less families with children increases, because these should go to school, actually in this time.

The company AIDA Cruises exists since 1996 and has currently 9 active ships which go all over the world and yearly more how the nicest time of the year would like to give to 500,000 passengers for a few days or a few weeks.

In our area there are 2 ships, the AIDAaura and the AIDAdiva


Now the AIDAaura goes meanwhile for just 10 years on the oceans. She counts, with a little bit more like 600 cabins, to the a little smaller ships in the group. The variety in sports possibilities or entertainment is so varied that it is possible not at all seriously to enumerate here everything. The AIDAaura goes from Venice to Thailand and makes 4 days of hold in Bombay, Goa and Kochi. Kochi is less than 200 km of us is removed. With the taxi are only 3-hour running time.

The AIDAdiva stands only for about 5 years in company and is also a little bigger than the AIDAaura, because she orders more than 1025 cabins in Board. The special in this modern ship are the deluxe suites, because they dispose about up to 87 square metres of living space. This cruise ship disposes of unbelievable 7 restaurants in which one can allow to go well to himself really. The AIDAdiva goes from Bangkok to Kochi, about Ko Samui in Thailand, to Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka where she lands after 15 days of rest purely, in Kochi. For these 15-day vacation, one must pay, in the most favorable cabin, only about 900 euros / 1200 USD or about 64,000 Indian Rupien which are really a very well-balanced and fair prize level.

Who was still on no cruise ship, cannot fancy at all, which possibilities it on thus to one big ship gives. All ships dispose of different subject restaurants, in each case a theatre and mostly also a casino in Board. Swimming pools, fitness area as well as different wellness areas get on by itself.

Cruises were former, from view in price, mostly rather something for good breadwinners. Nevertheless, this trend does not have itself continuously, on account of topical prize situation a normal family is able to do to themselves also a vacation for 2 weeks easily on perform to a ship. The prices are strong depending on the holiday season as well as from the desired cabin and care.

With pleasure we organise a taxi, with one of our close taxi drivers to bring you – free of charge – from Kochi to ourselves, to Varkala.