Earlier the people developed a miraculous world and started living in groups which divided food and protection.
They started a row of methods which became a regularity in her everyday life. These methods were connected with it, help each other.

These small groups slowly developed to gigantic group of people who have sat down in a special area, then here originated „civilisations“ or small groups / towns and closer settled areas.

For every civilisation it is important to successfully insist and to be able to live which has it a culture and history.
This is evident from the different civilisations which have existed worldwide in different periods of the history.
Very briefly, culture can be defined by how the manners or methods of life are which were developed by people (or better said: have originated) to be an intellectual person.

India as a whole country has a very rich and completely different culture which is unique in many manners, concerning western culture, but also in the country together. One may not forget that the population of India more like 1.1 million inhabitants count


Looking around after the history of India combined with the unique geographical situation of the country, it is not astonishing that the famous quotation is „UNITY IN THE INEQUALITY“ sincerely well for a country like India.
The different kinds of people, their traditions, religions, languages, life styles and food habits contribute to these complete different cultures which India has maintained for many years together.
Even in the present if people approach to globalisation and modernisation the basic ethos and the values becomes in the opinions in the people of India has deeply taken root considered which proves again that the culture is classified in India as very important.

The uniqueness of the cultural way of life that the population of India immediately follow from the outset of the day is astonishing.
It is of general Usus in India to respect old people and to search blessing of them to touch her feet at the beginning of the day to tune with it the gods positively.
Just the respect towards older person particularly to his parents is coined in India still very much. It is an absolute duty of the children if her parents cannot work sometimes any more or are ill which must look the children around this.

This means:
.) wash
.) maintain
.) cook
.) rents, stream, gas, eat pay and a lot more.

People use the word „Namaste“ to greet, while they recite both palms folded (how with the Christian one) close to the breast hold.

India, from the locals of different religions populated country, celebrates parties in a wonderful manner.
There is separated, from the general parties based on the religion, a lot of regional parties which are based on the religion and the area which are celebrated with big enthusiasm.

In India a common, intact family system keeps till this day.
This means the members of the family, live together in a big house.

This all most important event which happens in the life of a person is the marriage.
The people who belong to the different religion and caste lead marriages according to her „regulation“. Agreed marriages (arranged marriages) are the norm of the inhabitants of India and are in the existence, directly since exist of the country available.

Another important aspect of the Indian culture is the food which exist in the different parts of the country.
The different eating habits also mean that the kind of the food drastically changes with the people who come from different religions and areas.

India accommodates two famous epics of old times; Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Even the music and dance forms differ in the contrast from the area to area as it could not be more differently.
Adoring and glorify to the nature is also very unique with the Indian culture.
By the pictures, sculptures and architectural styles in India, were strongly stamped complete southern Asia.