New Delhi, the capital of India was sketched by the British architect Edwin Lutyens.
The town is not so big, as often accepted. She has only approx. 330,000 inhabitants, then come
indeed, the surrounding areas and the older city of alto Delhi to with which then nearly 18 million inhabitants
are reached.
New Delhi lies in the north of India, on the river Yamuna and 216 m about the sea level.
The average temperature lies with 25 degrees centigrade, the hottest months are June and July with
40 degrees and with it for trips not recommendable. Particularly the high air pollution becomes in this
Time for some people to the problem.
Who will liked to travel to New Delhi ordinarily the airplane take and with it in
Indira Gandhi International Airport arrive.
This airport also serves as a potter’s wheel for further flights through India. For town investigations in
the metro or the local taxi drivers are available to the traffic throng, with these had to go
the price are negotiated to begin with.
Of course New Delhi offers a whole series of excellent, internationally famous hotels.
A good hotel offers above all one: Sevice, combined with all comfort of the Far East.
One can be sure to the complaisance of the staff and get to know India of his best page.

The hotel should be selected in such a way that the desired places of interest are accessible easily and comfortably.
Prominent are maybe to be mentioned: the Nationwide museum, with an overview about the story of India,
„Rashtrapati Bhavan“ the residence of the Indian president and „Sansad Bhavan“, the parliament building.
In alto Delhi, the house of Mahatma Gandhi and the place at which he was murdered.

If you travel to India, you find out please to begin with a little about the country, his people and culture.

A hotel is there not only for spending the night, it offers a wide range in service and entertainment:
clear yourselves up and determine you your preferences.
Love the culture and the beauty spots or you would not be, nevertheless, better in one
Ayurveda wellness hotel accommodated? An India trip wants to be well planned and there is no better access in Asia.