Elephant rite

To ride on an elephant is quite a special experience which one should not miss.
High on top on this impressive animal is to be sat and to be able to look at everything from quite an other perspective already something special. In contrast to ride on a horse this is quite an other feeling, the elephant moves slowly and carefully, however, one spuehrt, nevertheless, everybody walked and after a while it also becomes a little bit unpleasantly on the hard ridge of the animal.

There are everywhere in India small elephant’s stations, also close to Varkala in which the elephant’s horse riding is offered.
According to season (tourism dependent) the elephant’s horse riding per person costs between 300 and 800 rupees.

Unfortunately, one never knows exactly whether these animals also really well are treated, but one can purchase anyway apples or carrots and feed them on it.
It is also no problem if one the elephants would like to stroke, these are very gentle animals.

For the Indians the elephant is a holy animal, what they, among the rest, to the popular one
God Ganesha (also elephants God called) derive.
Ganesha has the body of a person and the head of an elephant and applies as
Son of the gods par daddy and Shiva.
Moreover, the elephant is the riding animal of the highest vedischen God, Indra.

The elephant living in India differs not only by his a lot of smaller ears from the African elephant, but also thereby he is a little smaller. In the hind legs to four toes has (the African elephant has only three) and in contrast to the African elephant only one trunk point owns.

One for the elephant ride very important character of the Indian elephant is which he lets himself tame very easily and passes therefore no danger for the bleed.
In completely India the elephant is used as a beast of burden, because he can carry very severe costs and is many-sided applicable therefore.
Most elephants live in the wilderness, normally in herds, and cover wide distances in search of food. There comes not seldom before this a herd harvests ripe fields loots, because they get so easily in food. Even if this is a substantial damage for the pawns, you must live with it then for a Hindu it on no account comes to question to kill one of these holy animals.

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