Ghee is the most important food fat which is used in the Indian kitchen. Also in Pakistan Ghee belongs to the most important food fat. Moreover, in India Ghee is also used to be cured purposes and serves as a fuel for oil lamps.

Because Ghee looks generally Anti-inflammatory and the health promotes it is used in India also for medical purposes. In the Ayurveda area it is often used for eye bathes or ointments.

One of the advantages of Ghee is which is long-lasting it very long, even if it is not stored in the fridge. Ghee is cleared butter, the pure fat of the butter of water, lactose and lactoprotein is separated by a special procedure. The production of Ghee is very similar to that of clarified butter, however, the butter is heated up in the production by Ghee longer and thereby gets her typical nutty taste. Besides, she is longer long-lasting by this procedure than normal clarified butter. Another difference during the production is which passes the butter of which Ghee is made of cow’s milk. In the production of clarified butter battle fat is used in addition.

Indian Ghee

1 kg of butter (of cow’s milk, not salted)

First one cuts the butter in cube and gives them then in a pot. Then one heats up the butter, at low temperature, until it has melted. Besides, one must pay attention to the fact which does not become brown the butter, touch so best of all always nicely, while the butter melts. As soon as the butter has melted, it is boiled, until it starts to foam. Then allow to put the cooker on low heat and easily cook the butter during about 30 minutes. It will form foam over and over again. The foam must be taxed away regularly with a small sieve. If the liquid butter completely becomes clear, no more steam climbs up and the butter has a golden brown colour, one takes them of the cooker. Now you take a sieve, give a culinary cloth in and then pour