Goa, the travel paradise in India

Goa, the smallest Indian federal state lies with his about 1.5 million inhabitants on the west coast
from India.
He is by the colonial supremacy long about 450 years of the Portuguese, very much marked.
Not only in the capital of Panaji which lies on the shore of the Mandovi one finds many buildings from that
Portuguese colonial age come. On the trips expect imposing churches,
wonderful Hindu’s temples as well as quirlige markets them her coloured goods offer for sale.

Already in the 60-s Goa was discovered by drop-outs and hippies, they the beauty
from Goa and his beach, even then appreciated.
To experience a vacation on the beach in Varkala or Goa, is unique and dreamlike, the beauty of her
Coast has got about meanwhile already all over the world.
Therefore trips during the last years more and more tourists to India around their vacation in
to spend wonderful beach of Goa.
On the about 100 km long coast of Goa with their endless white palm beaches becomes every vacation
to the highlight, because here will decline famedly up to.
But also wonderful booking and marvellous rocky coasts show an image of the idyl and do not charge
only at the sundown to the dream one. For solar adorers and beach wanderers Goa is one
Among the rest, paradise of the good feeling, water sportsmen come with the windsurfing, Para sailings,
Water-ski and jet ski completely at her expense.
A hotel more nicely than the other, offers to their guests sportive activities, like tennis, aerobics,
Jogging beach volleyball and Golf in. Trips to India with accommodation at the hotel,
today are more and more in the arrival, because the country offers not only miraculous beaches to the tourists,
but also interesting cultural impressions which one will not forget so easily.
Since Goa disposes of many old monuments, temples and museums which one must have seen easy.
A hotel gives an understanding to us of the culinary consumptions of the country and spoils us with his exotic atmosphere.

All this, they can also experience in the dreamy nice Varkala, you start
to her dream vacation at our hotel in Varkala.