Holidays in India

The Indian population loves to celebrate it parties and, therefore, there is in India almost no day in not somewhere a little bit is celebrated. Because there are many different religions in India and some parties or holidays are celebrated even in certain regions, if this overview limits itself to the most important Nationwide holidays in the year.
Nationwide holidays in India
26th of January – day of the republicOn this day one celebrates in India the foundation of the republic in 1950.Then in all parts India numerous festivities take place in the capitals. In Delhi becomes even a big military parade to honour of this day organised.
15th of August – day of the independenceOne celebrates the independence of the Britons which was attained in 1947. Exactly as the day of the republic is this one important day in the Indian history. In Delhi an address of the prime minister takes place on this day on the fortress embankment of the red fort.
2nd of October – Gandhi JayantiThe birthday of the independence fighter Mahatma Gandhi is celebrated on this day. These become ceremonious prayers in the Raj Ghat (the place in Gandhi was burnt to ashes) held. This special day belongs, also, to the public holidays in completely India.

The Hindus have contained, depending on the region of India, different parties and holidays, hence the listing only the most important. Because these religious parties on the Hindu lunar calendar are based, the date every year falls on another day. The lunar calendar of the Hinduism begins Magh (from January to February) with the month, then there comes the month Phalgun (from February to March), Chitra (from March to April), Baisakh (from April to May), Jeth (from May to June), Asarh (from June to July), Shrawan (from July to August), Bhadon (from August to September), Asvin (from September to October), Kartik (from October to November), Aghan (from November to December) and ends, finally, with the month Pous (from December to January).
Important parties and holidays of the Hindus
Vasant PanchamiThis day becomes to honour of the goddess Saraswati on 5 days of the month Magh famed. The fertility of the goddess and on the other hand the beginning of spring is celebrated on the one hand. Then in the houses and on street altars figures of the goddess are put up everywhere and services take place. Women carry on this day to honour of the goddess, yellow saris.
ShivaratriThis is a fast day of the Hindus, the Shiva (one of the most important gods in the Hinduism) is consecrated. This day is celebrated always at night by 13. for the 14th day of the month Phalgun. On this day processions take place to the Shiva to temples and in the connection Mantras are sung.
HoliThis party belongs to the most important festivities of the Hindus and is celebrated mainly in the northern part of India. It always takes place on the full moon day in the month Phalgun. It is one of the oldest parties of India and lasts, depending on the region, up to during 10 days. The arrival of the spring is celebrated, while one strews himself with coloured powder or pours over with coloured water. To prepare for the party, big fires are lighted at night before it. These serve as a symbolic sign for the destruction of the demons Holika.
Ganesh ChaturthiThe birth of the God Ganesha is celebrated. This Hindu party is always celebrated on 4 days of the month Bhandon. Statues of the God are put up everywhere which stop up to during 10 days and are sunk then in the water. Priests hold services before the statues and afterwards it is celebrated with dance and music.
DiwaliThe light party Diwali begins on 15 days of the month Kartik. On account of the social meaning one is able to do it with parties like Christmas compares. It is celebrated in the different regions of India very differently and is able between 1 and 5 days continue. One celebrates the victory of the light over the darkness, the good about Bad. On this day everything is decorated with lights, for example, lights are put up before the entrance, whole houses are decorated with candle-lighted rallies and one lights sparklers.