Houseboat / boat trips

To be on the move with a houseboat on the glittering, blue waters of the Backwaters one is
unique experience.

It is an excellent possibility the nice scenery Keralas, with the luxuriant vegetation,
to discover to its many small villages and temples.

Houseboats, also known as a rice boots become from local materials like bamboo matt,
Bamboo staff and coconut palm faser rope, traditional manner made. Became former
these boats of the rice farmer to the transport of rice sack used, hence, also the name Rice boot.

A pleasure with the houseboat on the endless waters of the Backwaters is leisurely to glide there. If one drives the different water canals by, one receives one good insight into the rural life of the local inhabitants Kerala.

There are also some wildlifeparks by the boat can be crossed and one thus quite near the most different animal species and botanical species can look.

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