About India

India is a state in South Asia and by a size of 3.287.263 square kilometres the seventh biggest country of the world, it was stood for after the flux Indus named what „country on the flux“.

It borders on the countries Bangladesh, China, Nepal, Myanmar and Bhutan.
India belongs with about 1.1 milliard residents to the poorest countries richest in population of the ground.
Bombay (Mumbai) is with approx. 15 million residents the town richest in population of the world and the biggest town in India, nevertheless, the capital is New Delhi (with about 320,000 direct residents, in the conurbation about 18 millions).

Calcutta is with its many museums, cinemas and theatres of India cultural town.

In India there are a lot of different religions and cultures And the Hinduism is the prevailing religion in India and most Indians make a pilgrimage regularly to the places of pilgrimage of their saints.

India is a country with very intensive belief which is also reflected by the amount in the temples which are to be found here. There are the most different temples built, from small rather insignificant stone buildings up to magnificent big temple adjoined.
Nevertheless, the purpose of the temples is always same to him, a space is to be near around God.

Some of the most famous temples of India are of the Khajuraho temples, the Lotos strap temple,
The Kornak sun temple and the Birla Mandir temple.

The colours in the Indian flag stand for the different religions:
Green for Muslim
Red for Hindu
White for the union this to both religions.

In India a lot of different languages are spoken, the main language are Hindi and English and according to one of 28 federal states approx. 21 different regional languages are spoken. In the federal state of Kerala in which also the tourist small town of Varkala situated on the beach lies speak 97% of the population Malayalam.

The nature in India is very diverse, one finds here not only tropical beaches as in Varkala (Kerala) and wild paragraphs but also snowy mountains (the probably best known mountain of India is the Himalayas, nevertheless, the biggest mountain of India with a height of 8.598 metres is of the Kanchenjunga).

After India the rainiest area of the ground is accommodated here the nature many small waterways (Backwaters) and flows, the best known flows are the Ganges, the Indus and the Brahamputra.

The nature of India encloses the most different plant worlds, from tropical rain forests in the south and
Mangroves waelder in the east up to the big forest ranges at the foot of the Himalayas in which above all chestnut trees, rhododendrons and oaks dominate.
In the higher areas of the Himalayas are to be found in the nature mainly to jaws(pines) and cedars.

The Indian elephant is the biggest mammal of India and probably belongs to the best known animals of India.
Elephants are for the Indians on account of the elephant’s God Ganesha holy animals for wisdom and force stand and, therefore, one finds in the temples except the statues of the elephant’s God Ganesha who is of one of the most popular Indian godheads also living elephants.

In contrast to the holy cow whom one can also find everywhere in the towns the elephant mostly lives in the nature in the wild.
Beside the elephant the Bengal tiger also belongs to the best known animal species of India, that from become extinct threatened tigers now reproduces thanks to the setup of wildlife sanctuaries again.

Except the tiger still other great cats live in India like lions and leopards, the snow leopard seldom to be found is domestic on the Himalayas and one finds the Asian lion, unfortunately, only in the Gir national park.

The small mongoose is widespread and belongs to the genus of the predators.

The seventh Wonder of the World, which the famous „Taj Mahal“ the palace which was built of marble and other valuable natural stones as well as precious stones lies in the Indian federal state of Uttar Pradesh.
The Mogul emperor Shah Jahan left him as proof of the great love to his deceased ones
Build Mrs. Mumtaz Mahal.

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