travel vaccines

If you liked to travel in the next future to India, you should not disregard the necessary vaccination protection.
Firstly, the malaria prophylaxis stands here definitely. In India a middle risk consists in the whole country, in
to big towns you need only with a low risk count.

Nevertheless, a vaccination protection is absolutely to be recommended and is also recommended by the Foreign Office.
Besides not only a vaccination protection, but also a malaria prophylaxis is also recommended by the Foreign Office for India.
Moreover you should always carry an emergency drug on yourselves or in the approach, such a drug of your family doctor
given have agreed.

Before beginning of your trip you had to go, in any case, a medical have carried out and themselves from a specialist
have informed enough about the necessary vaccination protection for India.
If you should not count to risk patients, the Foreign Office, a vaccination protection recommends for India against hepatitis A,
Typhoid, measles, diphtheria, polio and above all, however, against tetanus.
Belong, however, to the so-called risk groups which would like to travel to India, you absolutely had to go against rabies,
Hepatitis B, grip, Japanese encephalitis, grip and Pneumokokken have been inoculated. They should think furthermore,
that to fall ill the risk with a meningitis or Menigokokken in which is especially high from November to May.

Notice also the Japanese encephalitis, this danger consists in seasonal dependence particularly in him
From July to December, particularly in the north of India.
A vaccination protection is to be recommended absolutely if you stay exactly in this period in the north of the country.
To come once again on the malaria risk, is absolutely important here that you should try, the so-called
To press rainy season from your travel plans.
If this is not possible from certain grounds, you should notice the actual recommendations of your travel doctor and they
to corresponding inoculations order. However, there are also regions in India which are valid as free of malaria, moreover they count
Regions of Jammu, Pradesh, Kashmir and Sikkim.
All called regulations for the necessary vaccination protection for India are valid only for adults.
If you want to enter with children in India, consider please, that with children certain geriatric restrictions
for the vaccination protection and also old-age risks consist which must be noticed.