Indian curry courts

Recipes for Indian curry courts

Curry courts have their origin in India, however, one finds them today also in Thailand and Japan.
The word Curry is called so much like sauce and is descended from the word khari (Tamilian).
Tamil belongs to the dravidischen families of languages and is spoken above all in the federal state of Tamil Nadu.
Indian curry courts are either stews, ragouts or simply courts with creamy sauce.
There are them in the most different variations, with seafood, fish, meat and vegetables or quite vegetarian.
In most regions of India a curry is a main course, with bread kinds like Naan, Puri, Chapati or with rice,
is spiced or purely, is eaten.
In addition, still different chutneys or other additions are often served in addition.
The ingredients of curry courts vary very strongly which ingredients are used it comes on the region, from this
Curry comes.
One of the most important components of a curry are herbs and spices. Indians use with cook from curries seldom refines
Herbs, the exceptions are a fenugreek, coriander, limes sheets and mint.
Spices like cumin, curcuma, cardamom, more fresh gingers, chilli and Garam Masala (mixed herbs)
are included almost in every curry.

The curry courts from the eastern part of India become most with fish, seafood or meat and partially
with the addition of mustard seed or mustard oil prepared.

The curry courts from the northern part of India, become most with Paneer (Indian cheese), peas and the addition from
Ghee prepares. To will spice primarily Masalas (mixed herbs as the curry powder) uses.
A very widespread and known curry is here the Matar Paneer.

The curry courts from the western part of India become almost always with Kokum (dark red, sour fruit) and coconut milk
prepared. It sharpens of the curries varied from mildly to very sharply, like the Vindaloo, one of the best known curry courts
in this area is.

The curry courts from the southern part of India are mostly very mild in the region of Karnataka and become with
to the most different lens places prepares.
Sambar is one of the best known curry courts of this area and is eaten with pleasure as a breakfast together with Vada or Idli.
In the region of Andhra Pradesh the curry courts are very sharp against it, here become with pleasure a lot of chilli for them
Preparation uses.
In the region of Tamil Nadu the curries are mostly vegetarian and become with yoghurt and one mixes to spices prepared.

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