Italy is long since a popular destination of the upper class from India. There is a narrow connection between India and Italy already for some time.
In Italy about 120,000 Indians, according to international statistical central office, which for them live currently the official counting the foreigner living in Italy is responsible. India books the place 8 of the immigration figures in Italy with it.
Commercial-technically it looks also rather good. The foreign trade has itself after the economic opening in 1990 well develops. On place 1 stands of course the USA, with a foreign trade value of 13 billion USD, on place 9 are Italy, with a height from 2.2 billion USD. Primarily software products and services are exported in this area.
It pulls many Indian tourists to Kampanien with the Amalfi coast. Kampanien lies on the west coast, the capital is Naples and the coast is between Naples and Salerno.
Especially worth seeing in the Amalfi coast is Positano, a small old fishing town and an other famous place of interest if the cathedral is in Amalfi which was built 937.
Economic seen this region is known particularly for her good wine and often in reports, various media,if is Vesuvius.
VesuviusVesuvius in Italy is the only active volcano in Europe gives and this less like 10 km are removed from Naples. Though he is still active, however, the last right outbreak of Vesuvius already dates back long and was in 1944. Since this time there was no more right outbreak, merely a few light earthquakes as well as escape of steam as well as volcanic gases.
Should pass the possibility to travel to Kampanien, the national park Cilento and Vallo should be visited Tu Diano absolutely.
National park Cilento and Vallo Tu DianoThe national park has a size of more than 180,000 hectares, mostly with mountainous regions and lies before the coast of the Thyrrhenischen of sea. He is very varied, there are more like 1800 plants according to estimates, about 200 of it are threatened kinds. The most important, tourist, places of interest are:Excavation sites of Velia and Paestum as well as the cloister in Padula.It is UNESCO world heritage since 1998.
Italy is famous for his culinary delicacies like olive oil, goat’s cheese, Gnocci and pizza. Here there are still many restaurants which make, for example, her Gnocci still really themselves, these must be absolutely tried, with delicate tomato sauce, refines grated Parmesan, a great pleasure for the palate.