The island group Lakshadweep

With the island group Lakshadweep it concerns two small island groups, the Lakkadiven and the amine divas, as well as the single island Minicoy. Lakshadweep is the smallest union territory of India. Convenient in the Arabian Sea, in the southwest of India. Beside some inhabited islands (everybody between 5 and 0.1 square kilometres) two unoccupied islands also belong to the island group Lakshadweep.

On ten inhabited islands about 67,000 residents live. It is spoken mainly a special dialect of the Malayalam (it is spoken usually predominantly in Kerala, a federal state of India,). A large part of the population lives on the fishing and the annex of coconut trees, as well as their processing. For example, the processing of coconut palm fibers counts to it to coconut mats. This happens above all in seven available factories.

Lakshadweep offers like flora and fauna, as well as, nevertheless, a similar climate like the Maldives, is rather unknown as a holiday destination., Among the rest, this lies with the entry politics of the Indian government. Travelling around the islands is not possible without previous licence. An exception forms here the island Bangaram. It is opened for tourists and holiday’s attachment. The vacationers are accommodated here in bungalows, Interesting Lakshadweep is an diver above all for <similarly good conditions rule here like on the Maldives. Nevertheless, on account of the seclusion the arrival develops a little bit awkwardly. From Cochin (in the federal state of Kerala conveniently) from it goes by the airplane to Agatti. Then from there it goes on by the ship.

Already from wide one the offshore coral reefs can be put out by the shafts breaking there. These also allow it to go swimming there in the monsoon time, because the reefs hold the gigantic shafts.