One puts back a lot of distances in India by the train. Because the distances are especially big in this gigantic country,and train driving a very reasonable variation is. Of course there is also good home flight binding, nevertheless, these are often very expensive and the removal of the local one Of network of air routes exists only to the bigger towns.
As a small comparison: for a train distance, 1000 kilometres one must count approx. with ~ 20 euros, nevertheless, a flight of the same distance amounts to about 400 euros. 
If one disregards the saving of time, the road the better possibility is to be travelled of course and one is above all much more adaptable.
The train is natural also for the Indians the means of transportation number one on bigger distances. Virtually with all Train connections is a reservation duty, because one has, otherwise, no place possibility and the train mostly with some thousand travellers is filled and one must stand in the worst case for a while.
A well-arranged luggage is unavoidable here, it should be well protected and in any case always closed andbe chained as far as possible also somewhere. The products of the company Travelite which shine by her reliability and stability are especially recommendable. It should be also seen to the fact which is often used a good and sure lock for the luggage, offered TSA locks give rather a lower protection and are not thereby suitable really (TSA lock).
Unfortunately, suitcases and pockets are stolen just with longer train distances over and over again, if one several hours orDays is on the move, maybe still alone, one must also sleep sometime and exactly in this time they hit most long finger to.
Pay attention, hence, absolutely to the following points:of sure well close Trolly or bowl suitcases of Travelitea good castle (please of nobody from the property market about 3 euros)best of all one more chain to fasten the luggage certainly to a polethe luggage piece always try to have in the eye or contact with it (under the seat, for example)We wish a good, sure and comfortable trip.
Travelite manufacturer’s side