Mumbai or Bombay

Mumbai or Bombay, a town in India

Mumbai, the capital of the federal state of Maharashtra, is valid as an economic centre and most important one
Port of India.
She lies on the island Salsette before the west coast Maharashtras by the Arabian Sea and has in the city
approximate 14 million inhabitants.
By the direct sea position a relatively steady climate of 23°C – 30°C rules in Mumbai.
From June to September falls during the monsoon 95% of the annual amount of precipitation.
The name Bombay is derived from Portuguese „Bom Bahia“ what is called so much as „good bay“.
In the 5/4/1995 the government of Maharashtras, the town to honour of the Hindu’s goddess decided Mumbadevi
to rename as Mumbai. Since this time the town names become Bombay and Mumbai
parallel uses.
For enthusiasts in architecture, art and story it would last months around to all
To be able to travel to places of interest and cornerstones of the story.
One of the first structures in one thinks near Bombay, is the Taj Mahal Palace hotel.
The hotel was opened in 1903 by Jamshedji Tata and many personalities from politics and him
to public lives travel with pleasure there. The hotel counts to the best known ones of the world and is also as
pure place of interest a trip worth.

The Elephanta pits (in 1987 by UNESCO to the world cultural heritage appointed) on the island Elephanta
were built in the 8th century and decorated by numerous elephant’s statues.

In the pit temple there are several small bands and a dreigesichtige Shiva sculpture.
The sandstone construction Chhatrapati Shivaji term also belongs since 2004 to the world cultural heritage and is
one of the remarkable railway stations of the world.

Also friends of the fine arts travel with pleasure to India.
In the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj museum paintings and sculptures as well as are
Weapons and small fine precious stone and tonal works. In the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, the head office of her
international Hindu cultural organisation as well as in many other halls find
regularly concerts, plays and other performances in the traditional however also modern style instead of.

For the evening programme the most different bars, bars and discos for every music taste offer them
right drop-in centre.
The cuisine in India differs substantially from in Europe and holds new taste colours and
Palate joys readily.
Also the parks which has to offer beaches, promenades and sports possibilities Bombay may not remain unmentioned one here.