Nutrition in India

Nutrition in India

Meal is valid for the nutrition in India as food for the soul, accordingly becomes one
very important meaning awarded.
In probably no other country in the world the different cultures are reflected so clearly
in the nutrition again as in India.

One cannot talk from there about a typical Indian kitchen, often becomes
differentiated between north and south Indian kitchen strongly.
A west east religion difference is added, which is characteristic of this region.

Majority one eats in Indian families still with the right hand, which is considered left hand as impure.

Can general be said however:
Spices how: black mustard, turmeric, pepper and kardamone are throughout in all areas of India
represented constitute the typical Indian taste.

Rice and wheat products are strongly represented and may not be missing in the Indian nutrition.
In particular northwest India is famous for wheat products in the form of pita how:
Chapati, Puri or Nan.

East south India against it prefers rice, in particular basmatirice as well as different leguminous plants such as lenses.

Meat is for the majority of the Indian population, the Hindus, a taboo.
The Indian population lives frequently strictly vegetarian.
Head protein supplier for the Hindus are leguminous plants, vegetables and milk.
Milk is used particularly for sweet foods and yogurt, cheese only rarely finds one.

Vegetable is processed and consumed in various form, because it depends strongly on season and climate.
Eaten in the north much Auberginen and red pray, during in the south the offer more freshly more tropical
Vegetable how: Drum stick , bitter melon and Maniok predominate.

Only, the Muslims, have a increased meat consumption and to eat often chicken and even, that in India, holy cattle.

Around this kind from food to digest much manual labor or sport is necessary.
India always is not around otherwise a country enthusiastic about sport and in motion.
Most popular sport is the English Cricket, afterwards finally follow Hockey, Volleyball and football.
That are kinds of sport each quantity of energy need.
Energie are in proteins and coal hydrates plentifully available, there rice, milk products and meat
large quantities to proteins and coal hydrates contained, Indian meal is very well suitable for sportsmen.
In addition the rich vegetable supplies important vitamins, so that an Indian court the complete need
to proteins, and vitamins of a sportsman to cover knows coal hydrates.

There it is actually amazing that Indian courts are not called so frequently as favorite foods of sportsmen, with the potential, which is in them.