The Indian kitchen is very different dependent in which region one is.

The north of India (Himalayas) cooks completely differently from the south, from the basic food as well as
from the varied spices.

Because a lot of Hindus are primarily vegetarians, there are a lot of recipes of the vegetarian food.
This is an absolute taboo in the Hinduism eat from beef, because the Hindu’s cows consider as holy animals
(nevertheless, this is valid only for the consumption of meat, not for the use and processing of milk).

A large part of the Indian population are Muslims, here again food is forbidden by pork.

The mostly eaten meat in India is the chicken which is slightly digestible and is also affordable in price.

Really strictly vegetarian about 25% of the Indian population live and eat.

Because in the north of India a lot of wheat is grown, this is also the main part of the food.

From wheat it is made, for example: Chapati, Puri, Nan, however, also Masala Dosa.

In the east and the west of the country a lot of rice is grown, here again the main food spring is just the rice.
Here there are different rice courts: Curry rice, saffron rice, however, also Idli

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