Who deals with the history of India, that must come along with a huge number of the religions which there are in the country trusted. One is of it the Shaivism. This religion has her roots in the 9th century A.D. and there the period of bloom of the religion was also to be seen. Just in the rural areas of India one can admire even today a lot of temple arrangements which come from this time. Up to the 13th century the religion counted to most important in India and was edged out only late of the Hinduism etc. a little bit. While there are not a lot of arrangements from this time in the east and the west of the country, they are to be found very frequent in the south and in Centrally India.

In the direction of Shaivism
Exactly how many other religions, some variations and directions have also developed with this religion in the course of the time. It was most in the area in which the people lived conveniently which these religious forms originated. Examples of it are

  • Kaschmirischer Shaivism
  • Shaiva-Siddhanta
  • the Natha yogis
  • the Virashaivas

They form together with the original Shaivism the base of the religion and are represented till this day in some parts of the country India. What leads partially also to problems within the population.

The base of the Shaivism
Like any other religion, this her definite base also has. She should provide for the fact that the followers can acquire hold and confidence. Of it them the attachment of God with the humanity and the striving for unity with God. There comes that the karma of a person plays a big role and the soul must be released from it, so that the person can develop better and by his wishes. A big value with some directions of the religion plays the meditation and also the possibility to escape by this from the earthly body, or to reach a higher consciousness step.