Our high-level season which runs in India always from November to February leans towards to the end. It was a very exciting year, the guests came numerously, also there were many new restaurants and some new changes, more in addition at other place.
In the USA and in Europe for a long time a subject not to say edge subject around with us in India rather a taboo subject. However, this year bars trusted to themselves some cocktail, restaurants as well as also we to follow a long-standing trend offer from Shisha for our guests.
Often it is believed, something unlawful smoke the Shisha is, nevertheless, to that is not to some extent in such a way.
The Shisha has her origin in Arabia, one says and is a social experience. At many places one can even read up which is also not to be excluded an Indian origin, and the first Shishas were produced of coconuts. In virtually all cafés, bars in Arabia Shishas are offered and means freely translated nothing else like water whistle.  
There are a lot of Shisha shops in which one can buy tobacco, the Shishas and Of course also a vast amount in other accessories to himself and allow to send, thereby one comes to very much a very different tobacco number and can dedicate himself to the water whistle completely.
The water whistle tobaccoHe is in contrast to normal cigar or cigarette tobacco, very humid and becomes made of glycerine *, Melasse* and of course tobacco. Just in Europe and the USA most tobacco is flavoured for water whistle and exists in the most different taste directions (coconut, apple, cherry, mango and many next more).
What is so particularly in the Shisha smoke?The water whistle exists of the vessel, the column and the head, as well as of the drunkenness connection.One fills the vessel (there is mostly of glass) half with water and fills the head with about 5 grammes of tobacco and on it then there comes the glowing coal. The smoking itself is felt as very pleasant, because it feels chilly very much, by the water, very much what arrives safely exactly here with us very much, at temperatures about 40 degrees.
We offer to our guests free of charge some Shishas, for a comfortable Together sit in the terraces or in the garden.In most bars a small fee is settled (converted about 10 euros per Shisha, for up to 4 people)

Glycerine is a form of sugar alcoholMolasses is a deep brown sugar syrup