Soccer in India

Kinds of sport in India such as football, Hockey or Volleyball

Cricket, Hockey, Volleyball or football?
If one thinks of the country India, then one thinks usually of the size of the country, both regarding the surface, and on the number of inhabitants.
In connection with football only the few bring, probably by right, one of the largest countries in the world because the Indian national soccer team did not win important titles yet. Also at large tournaments there was so far no participation of an Indian team.

Not yet at only one football a world championship India could participate, but however already in two Asia championships.
The largest success of the crew was, when 1964 the final were lost and the second place was conquered.
1984 gave it the second participation in the Asia championship, however it was enough in this year only for reaching the Vorrunde.
In the next Asia championship in the year 2011 participates India again, however far from a favorite role.

The Indian national soccer team could achieve correct successes so far only with the south Asia championship, which is delivered since 1993.
There there was 1993, 1997, 1999 and 2005 the victory for India, 1995 and 2008 became one second, 2003 only third.
In addition it is however said that against India only Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the Maldives begin and these three teams not in most distant something with the world point of the football in Asia to do have.

The Indian seem to be interested not much in football, which is on the one hand naturally because of the history of the country (football does not have a tradition in India) and on the other hand to the fact that many other kinds of sport of more successes for Indian teams promise than the football.

Therefore there is little enthusiasm in India only, if it turns around football.

The most popular kinds of sport in India are: Cricket, Hockey and Volleyball.
Whereby the two kinds of sport Cricket (the national sport in India) and Hockey still far vorVolleyball stand.

The true heroes of the sport in India act in the three kinds of sport specified and not in the football.