Tata Nano

Tata nano

The technology of the Tata nano
The car is equipped with a two-cylinder tail engine.
In the gasoline version it has a capacity of 623 ccm and an output of 24 KW, which corresponds to an output of 33 HP.
The diesel engine has the same capacity however only 20 KW, this is 28 HP. Both engines are water-cooled and the transmission have 4 courses.
The transmission comes from the Indian two-wheeler manufacturer Kinetic.
The Tata nano has a steep tail and is 3.10 meters long, 1.50 meters wide, 1.60 meters high and has an unloaded weight of 700 kilograms.
Consumption is to be with the gasoline version with 5 liters on 100 kilometers.
A trunk, which has however only place for a brief case, is before the front axle. There is still another reservoir however only from the car interior is attainable and is behind the back bank.

The Tata nano is to be received in India for converted approx. 1440 euros.

Equipment of the Tata nano
The equipment of the car is it very clearly.
It has only one windshield wiper at the windshield and only one outside mirror.
The Tato nano does not have electrical window lifters to separate still window lifter which one serve by hand must. It is not missing a radio. The Tata nano does not have Airbags and the rear flap cannot be opened. The car possesses neither power steering still another air conditioning system. Very much plastic is used around weight to save.
The chassis and the body connections are not adhesive and welded.
For security a steel body with crunch zone and seat belts are responsible. The Tato nano drives with tubeless tires. Despite the many traffic deads in India security little is not respected to at all.
This vehicle is less a car, separates rather a considered scooter, because one does not order more security unfortunately.

Export of the Indian automobile Tata nano

The favorable small car is to give it also in Europe, this however probably still to end to 2010 will last. It will probably give the Tata to nano in Poland, Spain and Italy.
Into Germany he is to come at the earliest 2012 on the market.
For the export the car must be still revised.
For safety equipment Airbags and ABS are to be added.
Instead of the two-cylinders a three-cylinder engine with 5 courses is to come.
This would have then 51 KW, which corresponds to 70 HP.

In Europe the Tata nano will cost at least 5000 euros.