Hired cars

What puts a good assurance out?Many assurances lure customers with favorable base rates. Indeed, these often only weak achievements contain. To follower is to be respected, if a rate is especially inexpensiveIf the sum insured of the vehicle liability amounts in the case of damage really to the regular 100 million euros – or if it was shortenedDoes the contract contain the enlarged protection from marten’s bite or hair game collisions?Are reductions granted for long and accident-free driving?If the new assurance contains a „Majorca cover, them the policy holder in an accident with one Hired car or in the car of a friend against finan­ cial consequences protects?Does the assurance pay in an accident also if the driver behaves roughly negligently?Around how much the insured person is downgraded in the case of damage?Is the favorable rate ­ bound to a ma­ ximum kilometre achievement per year (e.g., to 10,000 kilometres?May a car be driven exclusively in front insured persons?Is there the favorable rate only if a garage exists?
Where does one find the biggest savings?One finds a favorable hired car assurance on the Internet or with direct assurances. According to different investigations the saving is big: Up to 500 euros per year let save by a change! One must be ready ­ to renounce personal care­. Since: Who concludes vehicle assurance on-line finds no contact on site because Internet assurances offer contacts only on-line or post.
An insurance change is worthwhile for mostDeadline for the change of the car insurance is the 30th of November. Up to this date the notice must lie with the present insurer in writing on the table (registered letter with back light). Before the notice one should compare, so that the change is really worthwhile. Who avoids time-consuming comparisons, can ask with the present insurer for a more favorable rate­. Many societies get involved in it because they do not want to lose the customers. But: Who wants to change the assurance anyway, e.g. because he is discontented with the service; should compare not only the price, but absolutely also the achievements.