Traffic in India

Each was already in India, here the big street problems know.Most streets are in a very bad state. Big blow holes are often in the middle on the roadways, extreme slopes or it are simply absent a piece of the street.Just with land connections is to be respected here particularly to the street state, in Europe this is real not urgently, there one can completely concentrate upon the traffic. India demands here from the drivers far more.
The big conversions which a European road user, must bring, if he in India with his Passenger car (or hired car) the streets, regardless of, would like to get over:
if you have please patience, with yourselves and with other road users.) Go on view is especially important.) Street state always have in view, just to the monsoon times (the streets become very quick, very greasy)Link traffic!A coach, in a blind curve, on her lane can meet you already once, count on the impossibleBut also journeys in bigger towns are often no pleasure. There are not lanes de facto, if a street in Germany for 2 tracks is intended, from 3 to 4 cars can „find“ here already place. The word „find“ is here actually, the wrong expression, because around is not a matter finding it, it goes get, actually, more around place.
Just if rickshas on the streets are, you will be surprised, how many of these small vehicles beside or also into each other can go. Car accidents are nothing unusual in India, just on account of the high population figures as well as the countless ones to different vehicles, here it often comes to accidents.
We would like to give to take along to you a few tips with the car accident, around it to you maybe something to make easier:
all the same who has guilt for the accident, try to remain always friendly, however, decisiveif you have the feeling, even as foreigners that you are not taken seriously or you cheated if you become, contact the police. You reach them under the phone number: 101 take out in any case a policyjust in accidents by ricksha to drivers special care is offered with inform of every kind of personal damages absolutely the policeimmediately there and then photos make, provided that you have the possibility for itShould you be on the move by your own car, turn confidently to various big assurances. Just big societies like Axa, Generali or also the German alliance offer here comprehensive protection to regulate also your case of damage.
Nevertheless, with assurances in India you must count on raised contributions and it would be especially important for this time also people as well as legal protection assurance, which also more than 3 world-biggest Policies can be taken out.
Moreover, one rules, for Europeans in such a way felt, big hectic rush and extreme chaos in the traffic. This is absolutely right subjectively looked, nevertheless, one is longer in India, there is in spite of the whole one Chaos also clear lines, becomes sometimes they more, sometimes less kept. Also a little bit unusual for European ones Ears is of these constant horns. Do not unnerve yourselves, this is quite normal here. One simply honks too much to many occasions, also in the situation mentioned on top by the coach in the blind curve. Here the coach honks in the curve around to inform of possible oncoming traffic which now he comes.
Of course is valid in the traffic in India the a little bit old-fashioned basic principle: the greater, the more rights. This means that a coach we do not make way, even if he behaves, actually, against the traffic rules.
Pay attention to yourselves, indicates to go here to be on the move with a little bit more foresight.