Travel insurance

Who plans a trip to India should find out to begin with about important travel insurances.
The travel insurances are also often offered directly with the trip together in the travel agency.
The insurance cover of a health insurance is valid in the legal health insurance often not for him
Stay abroad. Hence, the foreign health insurance the also foreign sick person’s protection is called
if becomes an important travel insurance. The foreign health insurance offers you, in addition, protection.

Here you find the performances in the overview:

Hospital and doctor election in the holiday country
Cost absorption for treatments, drugs, drugs
Transport to the next hospital
Dental treatments
Return transport to Germany, with some insurance providers

Trip cancellation insurance:
If you are not able to start your trip to India many rice providers require a cancelation fee
with under to approx. 50% of the travel expenses can amount.
In the case a trip cancellation insurance helps them if you cannot start the trip.
As well as with the foreign health insurance the trip cancellation insurance often becomes directly from
Tour operator offered. However, in any case, a comparison with others is worthwhile here
To insurance providers, because the travel agency receive commission for the mediation of the insurances.

Hence, it is often to be booked better the travel insurances with an insurance broker
itself on travel insurances has specified.
Importantly for all travel insurances also are always the conclusion periods.
The insurers often have different conclusion periods. Hence, it makes to sense the travel insurance
to close at the latest 14 days before the trip.