Travel report India

Adventure vacation India
After my mother already travels many years after India and has often reported to me about the beauty of this country, decided my friend and I this our next destination India will be. Because we wanted to get to know the country and the people there better, we organised our vacation ourselves. The first step was the visa which one needs for the entry to India. After we had the visa in the pocket, we looked on the Internet for favorable flights and made a find fast. The flight went from Munich with stopover to Dubai and then further after Trivandrum, the capital of the state Kerala which is in the southern part of India.
We came there in the middle of the night, it was very hot and the breathing was difficult for one, on account of the high air humidity, very much. At the airport were, in spite of the late hour, a lot of people on the way. Then we searched for ourselves first of all a taxi and asked the driver to us in a hotel to go. The town at night seemed a little bit awfully, the streets are not developed well, many buildings looked dilapidated and shabbily. Having come, finally, in the hotel, we fell in our bed, because, nevertheless, the long flight was rather strenuous.
The next day then it went with the taxi further to our real aim, the small city of Varkala which lies directly by the sea. My mother knew there somebody who had a small hostel and we decided to lodge there first of all. We were received very warmly, our things talked and then we got on the way to explore the surroundings. The streets were rather small ways and cars one did not get often to see, for it the rickshas typical for country. To the beach these were only 5 minutes, around come there, nevertheless, one had to go a precipitous stone stair of the cliff down. On top on the cliff there are numerous small restaurants and states which sell clothes or souvenirs. Unfortunately, at this time the water was so high which was hardly to be seen somewhat by the beach, but the different red tones of the cliff and the fine-grained sand compensated this.
Kerala the country of the coconuts is also called what does not surprise if one was once there. Everywhere there is coconut palm palms and generally it is very green there, a really nice sight. Only unfortunately, this is clouded by many garbage which lies around everywhere. One sees even in the slopes of the cliff with exact looking everywhere plastic bags and other garbage. Then there comes the stench which originates if the locals burn her plastic garbage. For the people there this is quite normal, for us inconceivably.
More there is in the part 2, the next week comes….