Trekking travelling

New holiday trend: Trekking travelling in India
Trekking travelling in India become among the tourists more and more popular, however, in addition the country offers also ideal regional conditions. Only the overpowering panorama of the Himalayas chain guarantees breathtaking and exciting tours. But India promises beside the snowy summits also by many rushing mountain streams and lakes, cleft rocks, picturesque valleys and thick woods adventurous trekking travelling. Who adapts perseverance and himself to the constantly changing conditions of the scenery, can also connect short distances relatively slightly to be mastered with demanding trekking tours to the snowy summits.

Regional differences in the climate follow
Trekking travelling in India also mean a meeting with the climatic conditions in the country. One must appear to it because the differences are big in the seasons as well as in the single regions partly seriously. From June to September the humid monsoon with persistent rainfall appears, wide parts of the country resemble in this time of a washhouse. The extremely high air humidity makes the life difficult to many tourists, above all if they hit unpreparedly on this climate. Between May and July it is the warmest in India. Because the temperatures rise every now and then on more than forty degrees centigrade, one needs in the towns already air-conditionings, so that the life can further run off normally. In this time the trekking season begins in the northern high mountains, for trekking travelling the Himalayas passports are opened in addition for a few short months. The rainy season starts in general first in the south, then it comes to the north and disappears in reverse order. The rainy season is thereby substantially shorter in the north. In October the best holiday season begins for India all together with very pleasant temperatures. For European relations one can compare this climate to a mild summer. However, in December and January it can become relatively fresh in the northern towns at night on occasion once. In the Himalayas runners there is even a ski season which also takes pleasure of a bigger and bigger popularity. For trekking traveller it is important to know that the climatic relations stand in the north in no connection with the climate of the south.

The Outdoor equipment select prudently
For the trekking trip in India one should select on account of the special climate the Outdoor equipment (for example, from carefully. Basically cellular clothing pieces are to be recommended which are best of all also wind-thick and watertight. In addition, the luggage should also dispose of a low weight, because it must be carried, finally, during the tour on the shoulders. Not only the ease is vital, also the carrying comfort should be pleasant accordingly. Therefore, is to be respected by the purchase also to a high-quality quality. Light and comfortable travelling shoes also belong to the equipment, for long tours it is advisable to take immediately two pairs. Of course it is also important to find out in the approach by the planning of the trekking route about available catering possibilities and overnight possibilities. With trekking travelling in India one should also pay attention absolutely to the fact that functioning transceivers are carried along to draw the attention in emergency situations to themselves, so that when required rescue operations can be initiated.