About Varkala

Varkala lies in south India, approx. 54 km of the capital of Keralas, Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum), removes in the Malabarcoast in the Arabian Sea.

On account of the Janardana Swami temple, which was built in the 13th century, in India and to which gott Vishnu is consecrated Varkala is an important Hindu pilgrim’s place.

Because of the nicest sandy beach of Kerala, the Papanasham, with its red coloured cliff and the great view at the sea. Varkala is a popular destination for people in India they want to make vacation.

One finds in Varkala a lot of restaurants, bars, Internet café, jewellery shops and of course also many small clothes shops, partial typically carried in India the clothes like (Dhoti, Kurta, sari, Salwar Kamiz, Dupatta, Choli, Bindi) selling.

There are also a few markets by one can saunter, on which one landes typical food like rice, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, different fruits Mangos, bananas, oranges, coconuts, papaya and of course the most different fish kinds can shop.

In Varkala there are many temples which one can also visit as a tourist on his trip to find out such a thing from the religion and culture in India.

Varkala lies in the federal state of Kerala in the south Indian room and has become for a few years a popular tourist small town, because one finds here cultural experience and rest on the beach all at once and can experience thus a wonderful vacation.

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