The word Yoga is a Sanskrit and hives so much like union with God. Yoga is in India a philosophical apprenticeship with which certain exercises are carried out which bring body and mind in harmony. One knows some of these exercises under the concepts, asceticism, meditation and Yama to call only some of them. In the Hinduism there are a lot of ways to God lead and, hence, there is also different yoga the apprenticeships which have her own philosophy and special exercises. Some yoga apprenticeships concentrate more upon the physical exercises, other again on breathing exercises and spiritual concentration.

Originally yoga comes from India, however, the philosophy comes not only from the Hinduism, but also from the Buddhism. Yoga has itself in the today’s time widespread. The people who belong to the most different religions carry out it. Though it is with the yoga, actually, about the enlightenment and the union with God, but no mush is to be carried out around yoga. Many people make yoga just to bring body and mind in harmony.

If one shows yoga as a picture, it would look as follows:
A carriage before which 5 horses are curious. The coachman who sits in front on the carriage and the passenger who sits behind. The carriage itself shows the human body, 5 horses show 5 senses (see, taste, hear, smell, feel), the coachman is the human mind, the passenger the human soul and the dishes all that connects is the yoga.

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