Rickshaw in India

Rickshaw in India

A rickshaw is a small carriage with two wheels what is dragged as a barrow, by a person. Besides, the carriage comes quite traditionally from Asia where it is already seated for many centuries successfully.

The invention of the rickshaw was made in Japan. Besides, the name is simply translated and signifies so many like human motor vehicles. Here the rickshaws were developed then specially for the Europeans, because these could not use the sedan chairs. These were too narrow and a rickshaw had European measures. Here the wide European also had field and could spread.

Today the rickshaw is to be found with trips in many metropolises. Besides, it is driven not seldom by pedal force and is operated as a bicycle rickshaw. Besides, a pure run rickshaw is to be found only rare. Besides, the rickshaw is probably in India for all best known means of transportation. Besides, everybody which is questioned over India will occur first of all the rickshaw in India. Here the small agile carriages are hardly to be imagined as not existing in the street scene. Besides, the means of transportation are very favorable, because neither bigger expenses result for mechanical faults, nor expenses accrue for fuels. With it the rickshaw is probably one of the most favorable means of transportation in India.

But also from engine force powered rickshaws there is. Here the bicycle was simply equipped with an engine and the rickshaw was panelled. Thus the carriage can also master bigger inclines easily and coswim faster in the traffic. However, here the expenses and also repair rise then of course become for the owners more expensive.

However, the rickshaw is not quite indisputable just in India. Thus it is perceived in India as a perfect example of the backward step. The country wants to grow and become fashionably. There the numerous rickshaws, partially still with a person vornweg who drags this do not fit just the heads of state in the image. The traffic becomes quicker and quicker and, besides, only from the rickshaws ausgebremst. Hence, one proceeds just in the metropolises of the country against the rickshaw and wants to forbid them here. The accident figures by rickshaws as an offering go in India since the mobilisation of the country on and on upwards and here thus one wants to be. The years of the rickshaw are counted here apparently in the bigger towns.